Las Vegas Criminal Background Check Services

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County, State & National Criminal History Searches

Determining the true history and identity of potential tenants can ensure reliable, timely and consistent rental revenue while minimizing the potential for costly conflicts, damage to your property and loss of income through early lease terminations.

Allow APM Tenant Services to pre-qualify prospective tenants through background checks and comprehensive reviews of credit, rental, eviction, criminal and civil court histories. Click the button below for our current rates.

Charges / Rates

County Level Criminal Search

We dispatch someone to the county court house to retrieve the most current criminal records for your applicant. A great way to verify a higher level report. Counties set their own pricing, so pricing may vary.

State Comprehensive Records Search
Searches can include court-recorded felony and misdimeanor convictions, traffic convictions, department of corrections (DOC) records and sex offender registration.

National Criminal Records Search
Our $9.95 Nationwide Criminal Search instantly produces a report of criminal records for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Each report contains felony, misdemeanor, sex-offender, inmate and arrest record information.

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